My name is Shahriar Romel, I’m a Birmingham-based wedding photographer of Indian origin. I can’t imagine my life without traveling, communicating with people, and photography. These things have made me the person I am now and inspired me to create my project named AsianBride.me. I understand how hard it might be for people from different countries to find a common language and build healthy relationships. 

What inspired me?

My job implies communicating with people a lot, which helps me to get to know more about the beliefs, values, customs, and traditions existing in the world. And what impresses me the most is that people with seemingly contrasting backgrounds manage to build happy families and focus on harmony in their relationships. Such success stories of a bunch of interracial couples I used to photograph inspired me to help other people meet their foreign soulmates. 

What makes AsianBride.me special?

After putting effort into making AsianBride.me the way it is now, I understood that it became the place that has all the chances to make its users happier and significantly improve their personal lives. I asked the couples I used to take photos of about the challenges they encounter because of their contrasting backgrounds and what helps them overcome these hardships. This helped me come up with articles based on the specificities of ladies from different locations and explain to men how to approach them in the right way. 

I also emphasize how much it would cost to marry a woman from a selected country to help men understand what they can expect. AsianBride.me is a place where one can find reviews of the most popular online dating platforms to understand what site will be a perfect choice and help you meet the woman of your dreams. So, shoutout to Yasmin and Andrew, whose photoshoot became a watershed moment for me and marked the day when I decided to embark on creating AsianBride.me!

Why do I think AsianBride.me is important for others?

One of the quotes that make me keep going and develop my project is, “in diversity, there is beauty, and there is strength.” Throughout many years of my career as a photographer, I witnessed how harmonious and enamored interracial couples look. Yet, I understood how hard they work on their relationships. And I wanted to turn the experience of meeting each other and making the first steps into a more pleasant experience. Creating AsianBride.me and filling it with a bunch of valuable articles helped me provide a cheat-sheet for men looking for Asian women. 

I think online dating has to be about joy rather than stress over what kind of message you should send to make the lady fall for you. That’s why I believe this project would come in handy for guys who like to be prepared and have an action plan before embarking on anything. Besides, when it comes to Asian ladies, you have to be confident about your actions and understand what words will melt her heart. So, the articles at AsianBride.me are exactly what you need before you decide to reach out to ladies from the Asian region.  

How to use AsianBride.me to get the most out of it?

I’d say you select several countries that attract you the most, if you aren’t sure about the location yet, and then read about the local ladies. In this way, you’ll understand what to expect from them, what traits they have, and what their dating rules look like. You’ll get valuable tips on approaching Asian ladies and see how much it would cost to get mail order brides from the selected destination. 

After you get all the tips, you can check out our Asian dating sites reviews to see what platform will fit your needs the best. But if you’ll still find it hard to select the site, you can take the quiz and get “matched” with a couple of sites and then pick one of them. 

What are the advantages of AsianBride?

Aren’t sure whether you’re ready to use AsianBride or don’t know whether it’s the platform that will meet your expectations? Then, these are some points about those who can leverage its services:

  • You’ve heard of online dating but don’t quite get how to meet women in this way
  • You want to use an Asian online dating site but don’t know which one to choose
  • You can’t decide on the Asian country in which you can find a lover
  • You want to understand the differences between Asian women from different regions
  • You’re looking for tips on how to meet and date Asian ladies

These are some examples of situations in which AsianBride.me will come in handy. But what makes it stand out among other similar platforms, and what makes users select it? These are some of the most significant benefits of using AsianBride:

  • We have a large selection of Asian countries and cover the specificities of each of them
  • The site provides detailed explanations of prices for mail order brides based on the location and additional factors
  • The articles explain what differentiates ladies from Asian countries from each other and give advice on how to approach them 
  • We explain how cultural differences might impact the relationships
  • You can get to know more about women from such countries like Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, to name a few

AsianBride.me is the ultimate platform for stepping up your online dating game and finding a perfect partner who’ll have the desired qualities and interests. It will become your reliable guide that will cover all the essential topics and provide valuable insights that will make it easier for you to win your soulmate’s heart. 

Asian dating sites reviews at AsiaBride.me are research-based and highlight each site’s pros and cons to help you make a more deliberate decision. Our team tests the features available on the sites to see how effective and convenient these options are. Also, we look through women’s profiles to see if they have enough photos and include background information, as well as highlight their preferences. Such an approach allows us to include hand-picked sites in our review category and help the readers select the best alternative for them. 

What else makes AsiaBride.me special? It has a dating site quiz! You can use it if you can’t decide on the platform you want to try out, so its questions will help you decide. For example, you mention what kind of relationship you’re looking for, the additional services you prefer to use, and the desirable nationality. Then, you’ll get three top sites to choose from and see their success rates right away. 

What do users say about AsianBride?

“I like the way AsianBride.me covers the differences between ladies from a number of Asian countries because it helps me understand what location will fit me better. The tips in the articles give me clues on how to approach ladies from Japan because I’m especially fond of them. I believe that this site is what helped me make the woman of my dreams respond to my message and establish strong communication with her. It’s been 2 years since we’ve met, and our relationship is about to get to the next level!”

Kurt, 45

“AsianBride.me is like a reliable friend for me because that’s the place where I can always find the best advice. It helped me select a dating site that had an abundance of communication tools and high-quality profiles. I like the way each article is detailed enough to find out how to approach girls from the desired countries.”

Nick, 50

“I think that AsianBride.me stands out among other similar platforms thanks to its personalized approach to the articles and the availability of a dating site quiz. It actually aims to help its users find their soulmates by deeply reviewing the platforms and emphasizing the ways men can entice Asian ladies.”

Oliver, 43

“When scrolling through AsianBride.me, I always find something useful that significantly improves my online dating experience. This platform helped me select the best dating site for me and became my advisor in making a Filipino woman fall for me. We’ve been together for a year so far, and are already engaged, all thanks to this site and its tips!”

Lucas, 56