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Q //How did you come up with the idea of the project? 

A // I used to have a lot of photoshoots of couples with various love stories and backgrounds. And what fascinated me the most was how people from different cultures managed to build healthy and strong relationships. I talked to them during the photoshoots to get to know them better and make them feel more comfortable. But I also started thinking about how hard it can be at the outset when you have just met a person, and you understand that you’re attracted to her but aren’t sure how to approach her. And then, I got to know Yasmine and Andrew, the couple that became my kick for starting this project. They were so open and genuine about their relationships that I wanted to help other couples get as happy and stable relationships as these two had.

Q //Why does the site focus on women from Asian countries?

A // Since I come from India and adore traveling, I know a lot about Asian culture and have personal experience communicating with women from this region. I understand what peculiarities they have and how critical it is to select the correct approach before reaching out to them. That’s why I have also decided to create different categories focusing on women from each Asian country. I believe that each location is unique, and the culture has an incredible impact on ladies’ views and values. 

Q //How do you create articles about Asian women? 

A // As mentioned, I have personal experience communicating with Asian women from different regions, and I always try to note the things that make them unique. I do additional research by reaching out to my friends and acquaintances to ask them to share their impressions about ladies from specific destinations. Then, I gather this information and take a deeper look into the culture of the selected location to try to draw parallels with how it’s related to ladies’ behaviors and personality traits. 

Q //What aspects do you evaluate when reviewing a dating site? 

A // Reviewing a dating site is a time-consuming and demanding task because I have to be confident that the information I present in my final article is credible and will help the reader. I start by selecting the platform based on other reviews, the number of users, and the suggested amount of success cases. When creating a profile, I pay attention to how much time it takes and how convenient it is. Then, I consider the availability of search filter tools and how effective they are. I also pay attention to girls’ profile quality because this aspect tells a lot about the platform’s credibility. Another significant detail is the number of communication tools and how practical they are. Besides, there are additional aspects, like user interface and customer support, that affect the final assessment.

Q //Do you get feedback from the users about

A // At the outset, I didn’t get much feedback, but now my project is more sought-after among users, so I frequently get messages about how they enjoy the articles on this platform. The readers often point out the convenience of having articles about women from different Asian countries in one place because they can make a more deliberate choice of location then. 

Q //Do you update your articles about women? 

A // I sure do! There are various events that impact the culture and, hence, the way ladies approach relationships and life in general. So, I keep an eye on the news and stay in touch with my friends and colleagues to introduce timely updates to the articles. I also stay on the same page with the industry’s development and create reviews of the sites that appeared not so long ago but took users by storm. 

Q //What inspires you to keep working on 

A // I’m an altruistic person, so I find happiness in helping other people. is a place that inspires me with its ability to help others meet their soulmates and bring new emotions and memories into their lives. I also value diversity and aim to help people with different cultural backgrounds find a common language. I get inspiration from the couples that text me about how my articles made it easier for them to establish a connection and mitigate the anxiety that often comes when you meet someone new. 

Q //Are your project and photography somehow connected nowadays? 

A // I’m happy to say that they are because I still have a lot of photoshoots during which I get to meet a lot of interracial couples. I also get requests from people who built relationships thanks to using my advice to make photoshoots for them because they want to meet me in person and tell more about their experiences. 

Q //Would you still embark on this project if you had a chance to reverse things? 

A // I definitely would create every time I went to the past because I believe that this project has a lot of room for growth and an incredible amount of opportunities to help more people. I think it’s important to share things you already know with other people to help them benefit from this knowledge too. My plans are to keep advancing this platform by adding more articles and reviews, as well as publishing success stories of couples who leveraged my tips. 

Q //Do you plan to create more platforms like 

A // At the moment, I want to focus on because I want to develop it to its full potential since users haven’t seen all the features I have for them yet. I think it’s better to get one project to the level I want it to be and make it help more people than dispersing attention to too many tasks at once and not getting them done properly. So, the good news is that the readers can expect to get new categories and articles that will help them step up their dating game!

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