Interviewer: Shahriar Romel Interviewee: Emi

Shahriar Romel: Good evening, everyone. I’m Shahriar Romel, and today we have a special guest with us, Emi, a young woman from Japan who found her husband in the United States through online dating. Welcome, Emi.

Emi: Thank you, Shahriar. I’m excited to share my story with everyone today.

Shahriar Romel: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you decide to try online dating, and what were your initial expectations?

Emi: Well, I had always been curious about different cultures and wanted to meet someone from a different country. Online dating seemed like a great way to do that. My initial expectations were quite modest – I wanted to make new friends and maybe find someone special.

Shahriar Romel: Can you tell us which dating site or app you used and what attracted you to it?

Emi: I used an international dating site that had a good reputation for connecting people from different parts of the world. What attracted me to it was the diversity of its user base and the safety measures they had in place to protect users.

Shahriar Romel: That’s important. Could you describe your experience with online dating? How long did it take before you met your now-husband?

Emi: I had been using the site for about six months before I met my husband, John. During that time, I had the opportunity to chat with many interesting people from different countries. But when John and I connected, there was an instant connection, and we decided to meet in person after a few months of getting to know each other.

Shahriar Romel: That sounds like a wonderful journey. Were there any challenges or risks you faced while using online dating platforms?

Emi: Yes, there were certainly risks involved. One of the challenges was determining if someone was genuinely interested in a serious relationship or just looking for a casual connection. Safety was also a concern, so I was cautious about sharing personal information and always met people in public places for the first few meetings.

Shahriar Romel: Wise precautions. Now that you’ve found love, what advice would you give to others who are considering online dating?

Emi: I would say that it’s essential to be patient and take your time to get to know the person you’re talking to. Don’t rush into anything. Also, trust your instincts; if something doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to step back. And of course, safety should be a priority. Meet in public places, let someone close to you know about your plans, and take your time building trust.

Shahriar Romel: Great advice, Emi. Finally, what do you think are the advantages of online dating in today’s interconnected world?

Emi: Online dating opens up a world of possibilities to meet people you might never cross paths with in your daily life. It’s an opportunity to learn about different cultures, build meaningful connections, and, as in my case, find true love across borders. It’s all about expanding your horizons and being open to new experiences.

Shahriar Romel: Thank you, Emi, for sharing your inspiring story with us today. It’s a testament to the potential for love and connection in the digital age.

Emi: Thank you for having me, Shahriar. I hope my story encourages others to explore the world of online dating with an open heart and mind.

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