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Wedding photography service based in Birmingham/UK. Working with people of all faiths and backgrounds everywhere.

UK wide & Destination weddings

Punil’s colourful Indian wedding – Vidhi

Gujarati Hindu wedding coverage which had me traveling from Kenya to Tanzania then back to Kenya. It was quite an experience. Punil’s vidhi took place in the brightly lit events hall of Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Nairobi.

Photography coverage from other days, including the wedding day are will be up soon. Stay updated via twitter / instagram / facebook.

I’m from Birmingham. Pretty much all my work is in the UK but I would be glad to shoot another wedding in East & South Africa and beyond. India would be dream come true. So, get in touch if you are getting married soon. I work with families of all faiths and backgrounds.


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vp-vidmod-web-23vp-vidmod-web-22 vp-vidmod-web-24 vp-vidmod-web-25 vp-vidmod-web-26 kenya indian wedding indian groom kenya vp-vidmod-web-29 vp-vidmod-web-30 vp-vidmod-web-31 vp-vidmod-web-32 vp-vidmod-web-33 vp-vidmod-web-34 vp-vidmod-web-35 indian wedding photography kenya vp-vidmod-web-37 vp-vidmod-web-38 vp-vidmod-web-39 vp-vidmod-web-40 vp-vidmod-web-41


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puils parents hindu wedding ceremonies vp-vidmod-web-55 vp-vidmod-web-53vp-vidmod-web-54 vp-vidmod-web-52 vp-vidmod-web-51 hindu groom by s. romel selfie time at an indian wedding vp-vidmod-web-48 family shot at indian wedding vp-vidmod-web-46 indian wedding photography vp-vidmod-web-44 hindu wedding kenya


virali the bride

hindu wedding photographer vp-vidmod-web-64 vp-vidmod-web-66

Available for Hindu wedding photography in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, UK. 


Article Name
Hindu pre wedding rituals, customs and ceremonies photographed by S. Romel Photography in Nairobi, Kenya.
Vidi and Mandvo photography for Punil and Virali. A selection of images from the two days with some wedding pre-party images. S. Romel Photography - available outside the UK.
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