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Wedding photography service based in Birmingham/UK. Working with people of all faiths and backgrounds everywhere.

UK wide & Destination weddings

Destination Indian wedding photography by S. Romel Photography. Shot in Arusha, Tanzania & Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya. Made in Birmingham, UK.

Virali got in touch with me back in November after finding me on twitter. This was just a couple of days after I got back from Sri Lanka. We exchanged a few emails to see if I was the right photographer for this job, then arranged a skype meeting and before I knew it, I was on my way to East Africa.

There is way too many people to mention so a big thank you to everyone for being really “safe”, as we say in the UK. You guys made me feel really welcomed. Cheers to Virali and Punil for having faith in me and being such a good sport all the way through. It was good to be able to work like this. We became a solid team and also good friends. Finally, nice one to Punil’s best mate Shazar Anwar for driving me from Nairobi to Mombasa then back to Nairobi just in time for my flight back home. You sir, is a legend.


I work on weddings all over the UK but happy to travel abroad, any excuse to get away from the cold. If you are having a destination Indian / South Asian marriage in Africa, India or anywhere please have a look around my website – there is more wedding stories, and if you like what you see – get in touch. Lets work together and to make something special.

Soundtrack: Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2

This tune’s been used in South Asian / Indian weddings many times over. Here’s is my take on it. Hit play below and enjoy Punil and Virali’s wedding story. Feel free to leave a message/comment below. Cheers.

Indian destination wedding photography // Punil weds Virali { The getting ready }

vp-web-wedding-170 vp-web-wedding-171 S. Romel wedding photographer vp-web-wedding-172 indian bride getting ready photographed by S. Romel vp-web-wedding-3 vp-web-wedding-7 vp-web-wedding-4 vp-web-wedding-5 vp-web-wedding-2

{ The night before }



india wedding party vp-web-wedding-195

vp-web-wedding-211   vp-web-wedding-197vp-web-wedding-182



Destination Indian wedding photography Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Africa, India, UK wide too.

{ The first look at an Indian wedding }

I have been meaning to do this for awhile but never actually had the chance to. This is basically the first time the bride and groom get to see each other all dressed up on their wedding day, away from the crowd and before the actual ceremony. Luckily. Punil and Virali were very welcoming to any ideas/suggestions I had. Including the first look.

Right after Virali got ready on the day of the wedding, I arranged for Punil to be nearby looking away. Then I had Virali entering the scene. The rest is all them. The emotions, the look, the watery eyes. All real. These two are in love and it shows. I wouldn’t dare interrupt a moment like this, I just made sure I had them in the light I needed them to be in. It worked out well, I hope. Without sounding all cliche, I really wan them to cherish these images for a lifetime. vp-web-wedding-8vp-web-wedding-9 vp-web-wedding-10 vp-web-wedding-11 vp-web-wedding-12 vp-web-wedding-13 vp-web-wedding-14 vp-web-wedding-15 vp-web-wedding-16 vp-web-wedding-17 vp-web-wedding-18 vp-web-wedding-19 vp-web-wedding-20 vp-web-wedding-21

{ The wedding }

Kenya indian wedding grrom vp-web-wedding-24 vp-web-wedding-25 vp-web-wedding-26 vp-web-wedding-27 vp-web-wedding-29 punil groom vp-web-wedding-31 vp-web-wedding-32leisure lodge mombasa indian beach wedding vp-web-wedding-36 vp-web-wedding-34 vp-web-wedding-35 hindu wedding jaan vp-web-wedding-38 vp-web-wedding-39 jaan arriving at wedding


vp-web-wedding-41 vp-web-wedding-42 vp-web-wedding-43 vp-wedding-extra-3vp-wedding-extra-4 hindu groom vp-web-wedding-50vp-wedding-extra-5 vp-wedding-extra-6 indian wedding mandap vp-web-wedding-60


vp-web-wedding-61 vp-web-wedding-62 vp-web-wedding-63 vp-web-wedding-64 vp-web-wedding-65 vp-web-wedding-66 vp-web-wedding-67 vp-web-wedding-68vp-web-wedding-69 vp-web-wedding-71
vp-web-wedding-73 vp-web-wedding-74 vp-web-wedding-75 vp-web-wedding-76 vp-web-wedding-77 vp-web-wedding-78 vp-web-wedding-79 vp-web-wedding-80 vp-web-wedding-81 vp-web-wedding-82 vp-web-wedding-83 vp-web-wedding-84vp-web-wedding-86vp-web-wedding-88vp-web-wedding-89 vp-web-wedding-87 vp-web-wedding-92 vp-web-wedding-93 vp-web-wedding-96 vp-web-wedding-98 vp-web-wedding-99 vp-web-wedding-101 vp-web-wedding-102 vp-web-wedding-103 vp-web-wedding-104 vp-web-wedding-105 vp-web-wedding-106 vp-web-wedding-107 vp-web-wedding-108 vp-web-wedding-109


vp-web-wedding-111vp-web-wedding-110 vp-web-wedding-118 vp-web-wedding-112vp-web-wedding-116 vp-web-wedding-113 vp-web-wedding-114 vp-web-wedding-117 vp-web-wedding-119 vp-web-wedding-120 vp-web-wedding-121 vp-web-wedding-122 vp-web-wedding-123 vp-web-wedding-124 vp-web-wedding-125 vp-web-wedding-126vp-web-wedding-127 vp-web-wedding-128 vp-web-wedding-131 vp-web-wedding-132 vp-web-wedding-133vp-web-wedding-137
vp-web-wedding-130 vp-web-wedding-134 vp-web-wedding-135vp-web-wedding-138 vp-web-wedding-136 vp-web-wedding-140 vp-web-wedding-141vp-web-wedding-142


vp-web-wedding-158 vp-web-wedding-143 vp-web-wedding-144 vp-web-wedding-145 vp-web-wedding-146 vp-web-wedding-148 vp-web-wedding-149 vp-web-wedding-150 vp-web-wedding-152 vp-web-wedding-153 vp-web-wedding-155 vp-web-wedding-156vp-wedding-extra-8 vp-web-wedding-157vp-web-wedding-160 vp-web-wedding-159vp-web-wedding-169 vp-web-wedding-161 vp-web-wedding-162 vp-web-wedding-163vp-web-wedding-165 vp-web-wedding-164 vp-web-wedding-166vp-web-wedding-168 vp-web-wedding-167{ The reception }vp-ws-weddingnite-1



vp-ws-weddingnite-3 vp-ws-weddingnite-2 vp-ws-weddingnite-5 vp-ws-weddingnite-7 vp-ws-weddingnite-9 vp-ws-weddingnite-8 vp-ws-weddingnite-4 vp-ws-weddingnite-6 vp-ws-weddingnite-10 vp-ws-weddingnite-12


vp-ws-weddingnite-13 vp-ws-weddingnite-14 vp-ws-weddingnite-15
Indian destination wedding photography | South Asian wedding photography Kenya | India | Tanzania | Africa | UK







Article Name
Indian destination wedding photography in Kenya by S. Romel Photography
Pre-wedding party and the wedding day photography coverage. Images of a beach Indian wedding by S. Romel in Mombasa, Kenya.
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6 years ago · Reply

what a totally epic wedding. So many amazing images.

ed peers
6 years ago · Reply

Epic coverage man. Captured so well…

Kong Wai
6 years ago · Reply

Very special

6 years ago · Reply

How fun! You photographed everything so beautifully and love your processing!

Tim Kamppinen
6 years ago · Reply

Great job capturing the atmosphere of the wedding!

6 years ago · Reply

Hahaha! That photo of the guy sleeping at the table next to all of the others laughing and pointing… priceless! 🙂

Albert Palmer
6 years ago · Reply

Now that is what I call a fun wedding

Douglas Pettway
6 years ago · Reply

The beach was a perfect backdrop for this wedding. It was beautiful.

Also: I love that ring-on-the-leaf shot.

Janet Palmer
6 years ago · Reply

Thats some epic wedding coverage, very awesome.

Andreas Holm
6 years ago · Reply

Lovely! You’re a great storyteller!

6 years ago · Reply

I love this – story told and no words necessary.

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