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Tamil wedding photography // Edgbaston Cricket Ground // Birmingham // UK

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Helen and Nav’s Hindu Tamil wedding photography in Birmingham. Coverage started at home early and ended right towards the end. Big thanks to friends, families and the wonderful couple. You guys were brilliant.

Are you are here looking for full wedding coverage for your wedding? I work with families from all backgrounds. Please take a few mins to have a look around. If you like the look of the images do get in touch.

I offer limited amount of album packages each season so it’s best to ask early. Disc only packages are available all year round. If you not sure of what’s right for you, please get in touch, I’ll be happy to offer you a free initial consultation.  I also happen to work with other wedding video/cinema people – please ask for more details.







Article Name
Tamil wedding photography by S Romels
Tamil, Sri Lankan wedding coverage in Birmingham. Edgbaston Cricket Ground for Nav and Helen. Images made and published by S. Romel Photography with clients permission.

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