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Sangeet night photography coverage for Virali and Punil. Day started in Nairobi, Kenya and ended in Arusha, Tanzania. I’ve covered a few sangeet nights in the UK, pretty standard affairs. This is one was a bit different. It was the sangeet for a very popular bride and the whole town came out to party. I’m thinking pretty much anyone and everyone in Arusha was there. Over 700 people if I was to take a guess and it was one hell of a party. Right from the start till the very end. There is something in the East African water because I have not seen this much dancing since uni. All this was possible thanks to Sukhdev and his team. Brilliant wedding entertainers. They had the crowd going and going and going… It was a fun place to be and I would love to be back in Tanzania for another Indian wedding.

Friends & family. Below are highlights from the day. If you don’t spot your photo – don’t worry, this is not the whole set. Feel free to like/share and comment. I will post vidi and wedding pics shortly. Stay updated by liking my page on facebook. Thank you.

Location: Arusha, Tanzania Band: Sukhdev online and crew VENDORS: If you were a vendor at this event please leave your details in the comments below.

Indian wedding photography Tanzania

Indian wedding Tanzania vp-sangeet-10 africa mountian vp-sangeet-23 vp-sangeet-24 vp-sangeet-27 vp-sangeet-25 family weddingvp-sangeet-2 hindu wedding guests vp-sangeet-4 vp-sangeet-35 indian venue Indian wedding venue Tanzania Indian wedding table details vp-sangeet-104vp-sangeet-7 vp-sangeet-28 vp-sangeet-26 vp-sangeet-31 vp-sangeet-12 vp-sangeet-13 vp-sangeet-16 vp-sangeet-17 Click play on the track below and watch enjoy the dancefloor.  vp-sangeet-18 vp-sangeet-19 vp-sangeet-109 vp-sangeet-20 vp-sangeet-33 vp-sangeet-34 vp-sangeet-36vp-sangeet-38 vp-sangeet-37 vp-sangeet-41 vp-sangeet-107 vp-sangeet-43 vp-sangeet-44 vp-sangeet-116 vp-sangeet-45 vp-sangeet-46 vp-sangeet-47 vp-sangeet-48 vp-sangeet-49 vp-sangeet-50 vp-sangeet-51 vp-sangeet-52 vp-sangeet-55 vp-sangeet-56 vp-sangeet-57 vp-sangeet-60 vp-sangeet-61 vp-sangeet-62 vp-sangeet-63 vp-sangeet-120 vp-sangeet-64 vp-sangeet-65 vp-sangeet-66 vp-sangeet-67 vp-sangeet-68 vp-sangeet-69 vp-sangeet-70 vp-sangeet-71 vp-sangeet-74 vp-sangeet-75 vp-sangeet-77 vp-sangeet-78 vp-sangeet-80 vp-sangeet-79 vp-sangeet-81 vp-sangeet-82 vp-sangeet-115vp-sangeet-84 vp-sangeet-85 vp-sangeet-87 vp-sangeet-86 vp-sangeet-88 vp-sangeet-89 vp-sangeet-114 vp-sangeet-90 vp-sangeet-113 vp-sangeet-91 vp-sangeet-119 vp-sangeet-92 vp-sangeet-93 vp-sangeet-94 vp-sangeet-95 vp-sangeet-96 vp-sangeet-117 vp-sangeet-97 vp-sangeet-98 vp-sangeet-100 vp-sangeet-101 vp-sangeet-118 vp-sangeet-32 vp-sangeet-110 vp-sangeet-105 S. Romel Photography – covering Muslim, Hindu, Sikh weddings. Available for Indian wedding photography Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, UK, India.  vp-sangeet-111

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Sangeet night photography in Tanzania - Indian wedding photography
Virali's Indian wedding Sangeet night coverage by S. Romel in Arusha, Tanzania.

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