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Destination Indian wedding photography in Colombo, Sri Lanka

{Bohra wedding}

You can see the first part to this wedding here. The reception or “home coming” as its known in Sri Lanka will be posted later so watch this space. I’m based in Birmingham UK. This is my first international / destination Indian wedding and I would be happy to do some more. If you came across this post because you are looking for a photographer for your destination wedding or a UK wedding; I would be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch to see if I am the right photographer. I work on weddings of all backgrounds including Sikh, Hindu and Muslim.

Indian destination wedding photography Sri Lanka // Enciya & Toffek’s Nikkah by S Romel Photography.

Hit play and enjoy the photos (best viewed on a non-mobile/tablet screen) The first few street images are of Colombo during the day. Please scroll down for the full Nikkah story. Starting at an uncles house.

Day 3

As with day 2 – I was assisted here by Anikka. The ladies section was pretty much all covered by her. A really good photographer.  Once again, thank you to everyone.

Video: SiyakSeenu
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka.  tofin3sromel-195

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A bit later on …

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Article Name
South Asian / Indian destination wedding coverage in Sri Lanka by S Romel Photography.
Dawoodi Bohra wedding coverage in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Natural, story telling photographer from the UK covering destination weddings across South Asia.
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andy green
6 years ago · Reply

great images man, really different 🙂 top job 🙂

Jonathan David
6 years ago · Reply

Great work! Such lovely documentary of the day 🙂 Really love seeing the different customs!

don barrington
6 years ago · Reply

this is mad. great job man.

Sonia Jansson
6 years ago · Reply

This so far from our white and pastels wedding world.
It’s amazing, and meaningful and beautiful!
Love it!

6 years ago · Reply

Solid documentation.

Priya Patel
6 years ago · Reply

Great documentary images! Very cool stuff.

6 years ago · Reply

Wonderful work! Love it all!

6 years ago · Reply

Great documentary work.

6 years ago · Reply

such an “authentic” feel to these all. super solid!

Tomasz Wagner
6 years ago · Reply

Great wedding documentation! Really enjoyed the contextual/pre-wedding shots as well.

{Punil and Virali} – Indian destionation wedding photography | S Romel Photography
6 years ago · Reply

[…] back in November after finding me on twitter. This was just a couple of days after I got back from Sri Lanka. We exchanged a few emails to see if I was the right photographer for this job, then arranged a […]

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