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I enjoy shooting weddings that are new and different to me. So when David and Laura got in touch regarding their African themed Humanist wedding I was intrigued. I’ve never been to a humanist wedding before and it’s been quite awhile since I last photographed a non south Asian wedding so from the very first phone call I was sold and I’m really glad I was. Laura, David and your families; It was great working with you all, I had an amazing time. Thank you for having the faith in me and I really hope you like the images. humanist wedding details wedding in shropshire david-laura-61 david-laura-6 Humanist wedding photography bride getting ready bride photo david-laura-10 david-laura-17 weddingwedding groom by s. romelhumanist wedding shropshire david-laura-12 david-laura-13 david-laura-14 david-laura-15 david-laura-16 david-laura-19 david-laura-20 david-laura-21 david-laura-22 david-laura-23 david-laura-25 david-laura-26 david-laura-27 david-laura-28 david-laura-29 david-laura-30 david-laura-31 david-laura-32david-laura-39 david-laura-69 david-laura-38 david-laura-40 david-laura-41 david-laura-49 david-laura-52 david-laura-54 david-laura-55 david-laura-57 david-laura-58 david-laura-59 david-laura-60 david-laura-62 david-laura-64 david-laura-65 david-laura-66 david-laura-80 david-laura-68 david-laura-86 david-laura-70 david-laura-72 david-laura-75 david-laura-76 david-laura-77 david-laura-85 david-laura-78 david-laura-79 david-laura-81 david-laura-83 david-laura-84 david-laura-88 david-laura-89 david-laura-90

Humanist wedding photography

Looking for Humanist wedding photography ?

I work with people of all backgrounds and I would love to work on some more Non Asian weddings too. So, please take a minute or two to have a look around the site. If the images catch your eye and you like what you see do get in touch. I would love to hear from you. Let’s work together to create something worthwhile.

You can find more about Humanism here.

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6 years ago · Reply

Lovely images and lighting. Really stunning work!

6 years ago · Reply

What a lovely couple and their wedding is so unique and beautiful <3

Adonye Jaja
6 years ago · Reply

shoot yeah, this is wonderful.. You captured their love and style so well!

Tim Kamppinen
6 years ago · Reply

Very stylish wedding, great job documenting it!

Albert Palmer
6 years ago · Reply

Epic work dude – you captured so many smiles 😀

6 years ago · Reply

So much great work here but that little series in front of the metal wall with her hands over his eyes – love that!

6 years ago · Reply

gorgeous work!

Justin R
6 years ago · Reply

Stunning wedding, the couple should be so happy with the pictures!

Sachin Khona
6 years ago · Reply

Beautiful .. love all the emotions you captured!

Tomasz Wagner
5 years ago · Reply

Great documentation throughout! Really enjoying the energy in these images.

5 years ago · Reply

Plenty of well captured details and emotions

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